Friday, August 21, 2009

Looking for a Beautiful and Challenging 2010 Marathon?

If you're not registered and currently in training for one of the many upcoming fall marathons, then it's probably too late. But, if you're starting to ponder running a spring 2010 marathon, you may want to consider the Blue Ridge Marathon On The Parkway in Roanoke, VA (April 24, 2010). If you're looking for a challenging course, this is the race for you. The course begins and ends in downtown Roanoke. In between, runners will enter the Blue Ridge Parkway, where they'll make three significant climbs and descents.

The course begins easy enough with about a mile of rolling hills before it begins the 2-mile climb up Mill Mountain where at the top the race enters the Blue Ridge Parkway. It is here where runners will encounter several lengthy and challenging hills over the next 2-3 miles. Then comes the most challenging (and most beautiful) part of the run—climbing Roanoke Mountain.

During the 780 feet up Roanoke Mountain (over 2 miles), runners will see beautiful views of the region's mountains and valleys. The run down Roanoke Mountain is just as beautiful and just at challenging.

I don't want to give all the race's secrets away, so check out the website for more details on the course, travel info, registration info, and post race events.

Proceeds from the Blue Ridge Marathon will benefit the FRIENDS of the Blue Ridge Parkway. FRIENDS is a non-profit, volunteer organization that is dedicated to preserving and protecting the Blue Ridge Parkway, a national treasure. FRIENDS programs focus on preservation, protection and education.

So, you've got plenty of time to build that mileage base and get in shape for this challenging race! If you've run a challenging marathon or one in a beautiful location, I'd love to hear about it. Email the name of the race and link (if possible) to RunnerDude at Be sure to put "Challenge/Beauty" in the subject line.

Happy Running!


Junk Miler said...

Now how am I supposed to get a faster marathon PR if you're going to entice me with these crazy beautiful but up a mountain courses?

behindtherabbit said...

I'm stoked for this marathon! the blue ridge mts around roanoke offer some of the prettiest views of anywhere. it's about time we had our very own marathon to enjoy them in style. =)

Relentless Forward Commotion said...

oooh I'm pondering! VA is within current traveling range for me...and since I can technically count Marine Corps as "D.C." instead of VA for my 50+ quest...this might be on the list!! Not sure how in the world I'd hill train here in myrtle beach though, haha!

RunnerDude said...

Hey Southofthecliff! He enticing, isn't it. Oh you could do it no doubt!

RunnerDude said...

Hey Behindtherabbit! Awesome! I want a full report after the race!

RunnerDude said...

Hey Heather! This is a dilemma!We've got some good sized hills here in Greensboro. Maybe you can do some weekend mountain trips in your training.

ShutUpandRun said...

Awww man...I went to school in the Shenandoah Valley (JMU) and think that is one of the most beautiful parts of the country. If I don't go to Boston, I will definitely consider this one.

Diff't topic: wondering if you might be able to help my husband. He and I are going to Oregon next weekend for the Hood to Coast Relay. My husband has been having a lot of problems with his calf - during runs it will become painful and difficult to run on. This doesn't happen in every run; matter a fact he was able to do a half marathon a couple of weekends ago with no problems. But now his calf is giving him problems and he is worried about the upcoming relay and if he will be able to pariticipate. Any thoughts on how he could treat the problem. Also, should he continue to run or lay low? It is tough with the race right around the corner and people counting on us. I trust your opinion, so any info you have would be really appreciated.

RunnerDude said...

Hey ShutUpAndRun! Would you mind emailing me so I can respond that way? I have some stuff I can send in an email that might help.