Wednesday, January 1, 2014

RunnerDude's Small Group Personal Training

Customization is what sets our small group fitness program apart form the competition. Unlike traditional whole-group fitness programs, each participant in RunnerDude's Small Group Personal Training Program gets a custom workout geared for his/her own fitness goals. In any given small group personal training session you'll find a mix of individuals each working on his/her own unique workout for his/her specific fitness goals. Constantly on the move during the workout, the trainer is teaching new exercises to participants, checking individuals for proper form, motivating, and answering questions. So, while you may have to count your own reps, a trainer is constantly available for support and guidance.

Flexibility is a big perk of the Small Group Personal Training Program. Participants can choose to participate in the AM or PM group. But, they can also (with advance notice) switch between groups or between days as needed. Sessions are 45-minutes making it perfect for a warm-up and two cycles of their exercise circuit. Or, maybe you'd prefer to do two circuits and use the remaining time for stretching. Or better yet, maybe you'd like to use the 45-minutes to get in 3 rounds of your custom exercise circuit. Both the AM and PM Small Group Personal Training groups meet 5 days a week (M-F). You select the number of days per week you want to workout. Whether it's one day or  five days, you'll get a great workout.

Affordability is an even bigger perk of Small Group Personal Training Program. Because you're sharing space with others during your workout, the per-session fee for each 45-minute workout is only $20! Sessions are sold in 4-week bundles. The cost of your bundle depends on the number of days per week you select to workout.

Cost: Base price is $20 per session;
Sessions are sold in 4-week bundles
1-day-a-Week 4-Week Bundle      $80
2-days-a-Week 4-Week Bundle  $160
3-days-a-Week 4-Week Bundle  $240
4-days-a-Week 4-Week Bundle  $320
5-days-a-Week 4-Week Bundle  $400

Group Meeting Times: 
AM Group: Monday - Friday 6:00-6:45am
PM Group: Monday - Friday 5:30-6:15pm