Saturday, February 20, 2021

Self Care: A Recommittment to Fitness, Wellness, and Healthy Eating

Yes, even trainers at times need to self-evaluate and recommit to their own fitness and wellbeing. 

Six years ago I turned 50. That year I committed to focusing on my own fitness and running. It was 2015 and, that year I ran 4 marathons, I lost about 20lbs, and felt awesome. In the 6 years since, my focus shifted. I lost both of my parents (my Dad to cancer and my Mom to Alzheimer's). The pandemic hit and my business was closed for 5 months then reopened, but with a fraction of the business. Had to give up my studio and reconfigure how to work with my fitness and running clients without a dedicated space. 

The other day I saw myself in the mirror and really noticed the toll the past few years had taken. So, while staring in that mirror, I decided to recommit to my own fitness, health and wellbeing. I do a lot of workouts each week but leading workouts is different than focusing on your own fitness goals. I've set some new goals, restarted my daily pushup challenge, and I'm eating better (oh, but don't worry, I still plan on having some homemade pound cake). 

Goal 1: Get in at least 3 "me runs" each week. They don't have to be long runs. Just runs that are at my pace for physical and mental benefit.

Goal 2: Restart my pushup challenge. Each day do at least 50 pushups. Each week increase the total number by 5 pushups till I get to 100.

Goal 3: Run a Half Marathon in the fall. Hopefully there will be some to choose from, but if not, I'll make my own course and run it here at home.

Goal 4: Be even more diligent with my good eating habits. I'm not a fan of trendy diets or cutting this out or that. I've learned (at least for me), just focusing on eating a healthy balance of carbs, protein, and fat with a splurge every now an then works best for me.

Goal 5: Taking some mental breaks. Whether it's when I get up the morning, during the day at lunch, while on a run, or just before going to sleep, taking some time for me to decompress and chill.

I once heard a younger person say, a man over fifty should keep his shirt own. To me that means I must have something I'm ashamed of. I'm no muscle magazine cover model by any means, but at 56, I'm not ashamed of how I look. There's definitely work to do, and the work I have begun. This picture of me was taken on day 6 of recommitment. Looking forward to 2021 and some me focus. 

Join me with your own fitness recommitment.