Saturday, July 25, 2009

Newspaper Blog Helps Unite the Local Running Community

My hometown newspaper—The Greensboro News & Record—has recently added a wonderful service for the local running community. Eddie Wooten, the Church and State Team editor for the paper and a runner himself, recently added a running blog titled Running Shorts to the paper's website. Wooten began running in 2003 and has entered and finished 12 marathons, seven half-marathons, two Ultimate Runners, the Blue Ridge Relay and occasional 5Ks and 10Ks. Wooten hopes the blog will bring the running community together by introducing runners to people they see on the local greenways, to some of the elite runners in the area, to people running for various causes, and to people who just want to run. I'm really looking forward to following the blog and learning more about my fellow local runners. (FYI: Greensboro readers, scroll down the right sidebar and you'll find a link for the Running Shorts blog under "Social Network 4Runners" and under "Local Running Services.")

I've been a member of several running social networks such as dailymile, athinks, Runner's Lounge, seriousrunning, etc. These sites have been great for connecting with fellow runners across North Carolina, the US, as well as the world. But until, Wooten's local blog, I never realized all the great info I was missing out on right here in my own backyard. It got me to wondering if there were other newspapers around the country hosting a blog specifically for local runners. My research didn't uncover many community-based running blogs. Most of the newspaper blogs I found featured general fitness posts not particularly aimed at uniting the running community. Kudos to Eddie Wooten and the Greensboro News & Record for being trend-setters! Here's a few of the blogs I did find:

The Arizona Daily Star has recently added a running blog which is part of a bigger website ( that includes a calendar of local running and walking events, news, training tips and other information about running in the Tucson area. The blog is geared for all levels of runners and walkers, too.
The Sacramento Bee provides a Health & Fitness Blog for its readers "presenting the latest research on health issues and fitness trends in the region and the nation." A recent post titled "Youth Sports Participation = Emergency Room Visits" points out that 22 percent of hospital emergency department visits are from sports-related injuries of children ages 5 to 17.
New York:
The Post-Standard of Syracuse, NY features a Health & Fitness Blog. This blog features local residents accomplishing their health-related goals as well as providing general fitness and health information. A current post reads "Exercise, calorie counting help Syracuse sisters drop a combined 304 pounds."
The Knoxville News Sentinel provides a fitness blog that includes all types of fitness-related information including running. A recent posting titled "Running with headphones, or without?" talks about the pluses and minuses of running with headphones in light of a recent Runner's World column about a 17-year-old runner that was struck by a car during a nighttime 5K/10K in Bakersfield, Calif.

If your local newspaper features a blog specifically designed for the local running community, let me know and send me a link. I'd love to check it out. I'm sure Eddie Wooten would too.


Gene said...

what a great concept! i wish that the papers in our area (WRJ, VT/Hanover, NH) had that sort of thing. I see runners all over the place, but can't seem to find a 'mechanism' to get us all together for training, etc.
Thanks for the blog!

RunnerDude said...

Hey Gene! Send your local paper a link to the blog and maybe they'll get inspired.

Anonymous said...

Great post! I am going to check out that blog for sure, since it's in my neighborhood too!

Unknown said...

good idea. will do. keep runnin...

Ernesto said...

I work on the digital side at a paper and have often thought we ought to get a running blog going. Thanks for the reminder to look into it again!

RunnerDude said...

Hey Ernesto! Welcome to the blog! From the emails I've gotten about our paper's blog, I sounds like people would really appreciate that kind of service. Check into it.