Saturday, September 26, 2009

Two Amazing Ladies On A Mission, An Ironman Mission!

Heather Hauser and Diane Beck are two women who have overcome great odds and are on a mission to cross the finish line of Ironman Arizona 2010 and to document that experience.

This past June 2009, Heather became a 5 year breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed in June of 2004. Heather is positive for the BRCA-1 gene which made her susceptible to developing cancer at a young age! Not only has Heather recovered, she's come back physically stronger than before being diagnosed with cancer. She's competed in marathons and just last year she did her first sprint distance triathlon. Just over a month ago she competed in her first ½ Ironman triathlon. And next year, she is competing in her first full Ironman distance triathlon.

Diane has competed in 7 Ironman distance triathlons, but last summer she suddenly became severely ill. She had over 20 symptoms and barely had the strength to walk to the mailbox, or even take a shower. She was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fybromyalgia and was told she was incurable. It turned out she actually had mercury poisoning, had the mercury removed from her blood and no longer shows any signs of those symptoms. Now Diane is ready for a comeback!

Diane and Heather's mission is to inspire others with a documentary—"Heather & Diane's Amazing Adventure"—showing that the underdog can overcome and reach their dreams. They're are hoping their stories will inspire people to follow their own dreams and achieve what they might not think is possible or might have been told is not possible. The documentary will showcase the physical, mental and emotional challenges and triumphs of a couple of gals achieving something amazing.

Their fundraising goal is to raise a minimum of $2,200 to cover expenses such as entering and traveling to the race, filming and editing their promotional videos, and filming and documenting their Ironman adventure in Arizona. They'll be raising additional funds for the filming during their training and through to the race finish and post production costs for the documentary.

Diane and Heather have raised about 70% of their needed goal. This project will only be funded if at least $2,200 is pledged by Oct 28, 2009. If you'd like to help them reach their goal and help ensure that their documentary will be produced to inspire others, click on the pledge box below. Heather and Diane want to include their supporters in their documentary as much as possible. Listed below are the various ways you'll be included in the production depending on your contribution.
$5 — You get exclusive project updates on our Blog & Vlog (video blog). Thanks!
$10 — A "Thank You" on our website: your name and/or link. AND a customized "Thank You" card personally signed by us. (plus what's above).
$20 — A "Thank You" credit in the "Heather & Diane's Amazing Adventure" film. Check for your name in the credits. (plus everything above)
$50 — Exclusive access to behind-the-scenes footage of the "Heather & Diane's Amazing Adventure" film. (plus everything above)
$75 — Early and exclusive access online of the "Heather & Diane's Amazing Adventure" film a week before it's released. (plus everything above)
$150 — You will be able to vote on the movie making decisions and receive a "Creative Consultant" credit on the "Heather & Diane's Amazing Adventure" film. (plus everything above)
$200 — A copy of the "Heather & Diane's Amazing Adventure" DVD, signed by us. (plus everything above)
$250 — Product placement - your sporting food, beverage or equipment shown in "Heather & Diane's Amazing Adventure". (plus all rewards up to the $75 pledge & a signed DVD)
$300 — Your company shirt worn during the bike & shown in "Heather & Diane's Amazing Adventure". (plus all rewards up to the $75 pledge & a signed DVD) (2 of 2 remaining)
$400 — Your company shirt worn during the run, across the finish line & shown in "Heather & Diane's Amazing Adventure". (plus all rewards up to the $75 pledge & a signed DVD) (2 of 2 remaining)
$500 — 15 seconds of fame! Be in our movie. (plus all rewards up to the $75 pledge & a signed DVD)
$750 — Thank you for your generosity! In movie land, generous supporters get an Executive Producer credit. You get the Executive Producer credit in "Heather & Diane's Amazing Adventure." (Plus all rewards up to the $200 pledge)


TC said...

Awesome. This is a great story. I wish them both the very best of health and success. Mercury poisoning is becoming more prevalent and spreading awareness of it's prevention & treatment is a great thing.

Chic Runner said...

What a great story! I wish them both good luck on this endeavor too! :) Thanks for always posting about such inspirational things!