Saturday, September 26, 2009

RunnerDude's Tips for Running Safely

Keep running a safe and healthy activity. Read over the safety tips below and then pass them along to a new runner. A great way to help them avoid learning the rules of the road the hard way.

Reflective clothing is a must for early morning and evening runs.

Up your weekly mileage by no more than 10% to prevent injury and allow your body to gradually adapt to more miles.

Never run without telling a friend or family member your running route, your start time and your expected return time. Better yet, post your weekly running schedule with routes and times on the fridge so your family will know where you are.

Never run without properly hydrating before, during, and after the run. On longer runs, drink 16oz 2hrs before, drink 6-12% every 15-20mins during, and after the run drink 16oz for every pound lost.

Identification on your person is crucial if you’re ever in an accident. Make your own or purchase a Road ID.

Never ignore pain. If pain doesn’t subside after RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation), make it RICED by adding the “D”—diagnosis—and see your doctor.

Group Runs are one of the safest ways to run in the early morning or during the evening. Plus they're fun!

Stretching before and after a run is a good thing. Dynamic stretches like buttkicks, skipping, and walking lunges are best before the run and static stretches like calf stretches or toe touches are best for after the run.

Against-traffic-running is a must if you have to run on the road so you can see what’s coming.

First Aid and CPR training is a great idea, especially if you run in a group or with a buddy. If something happens, you can provide help immediately while waiting for EMS to arrive.

Eat to fuel your runs and for refueling after your runs. A high carb snack (~300cals) before the run and a post-run snack with a 4:1 carbs-to-protein ratio (i.e., lowfat chocolate milk).

Listen to your body. Over-training is one of the main causes of injury. Allow time for rest and recovery.

Yield to traffic. In most cases runners have the right-of-way, but better safe than sorry. Even if you have the right-of-way, never assume a driver is aware of your presence.


Mel-2nd Chances said...

Great list of reminders! :)

RunnerDude said...

Thanks Mel! Hope you're having a great weekend!

Mark U. said...

RunnerDude - Great list to keep us safe on the road! However, on your point concerning fluids, while I too had previously thought it best to consume in fluids one's weight lost during the run, a number of recent articles have made me rethink. See:

RunnerDude said...

Hi Mark! Well familiar with the articles on hyponatremia. You're correct. Over hydration can be just as bad as dehydration. What I've proposed is sanctioned by RRCA (Road Runners Club of America) and I feel it's very appropriate. I dont'think 16oz of water before running and replacing the water lost after running is going to cause hyponatremia. Usually that happens when someone drinks excessive amounts of water the day before a run and flushes out all their electrolytes (i.e., sodium, postassium, etc.) Also, during a run you should keep hydrating throughout, but again not to excess. You have to use some common sense. I am a very heave sweater, so I'm goin to hydrate with a sports drink to put back some of those electrolytes and I'm going to be on the heavier end of the 6-12oz every 15-20 mins. While a light sweater may only require 6oz every 30 mins. These are just guidelines.

Unknown said...

Great list! I just got back from a night run and my wife insisted that I wear my reflector vest - she may be reading your blog...

RunnerDude said...

Hey Noah! She's a smart lady! LOL!

Zoë said...

Great list! I'm a big fan of chocolate milk (or Ovaltine really) after running. :) Always with a straw so I'm a kid again. One of the reasons I like running with my iPhone is not only the music but the convenience of having c
a phone just in case.

RunnerDude said...

Hey Zoë! Sometimes I think I run just so I can drink the chocolate milk. LOL!!