Thursday, June 18, 2009

Need to Set A Running Goal? Let The Circle Help

Are you a goal-oriented person or do you need to set some goals to help get yourself motivated to run? In either case, I have the perfect site for you! is a new goal-oriented social network with resources and support that can help you achieve your goals. How does it work? is a free site that gives registered users access to Circles where you can meet others with similar interests who may have already done what you seek to accomplish and who can share advice and encouragement to help you to succeed. As a registered user, you can ask questions and get insights on what steps to take to accomplish your goal.

Each Circle has a mentor that hosts a weekly blog and acts as a guide and moderator for the circle. Mentors are people who have a passion for and an above average knowledge of the subject matter related to the circle in which they participate. They offer their time and knowledge to help members learn more about the subjects they are interested in and to help members become more fulfilled people. Mentors may be professionals or just lay persons with training or experience that gives them special knowledge about a certain subject area.

TheCircle asked RunnerDude to be the mentor for two of their running-related circles—Run for Fitness and Long Distance Running. I'm excited to have this opportunity to connect with even more fellow runners, share the knowledge I've gained over the years, as well as learn from the circle members.

The idea for grew out of a book written by Joe Mellett in the early 1990s called The Circle. The book is an inspirational work that offers those in need a way to organize their life to achieve goals and, ultimately, to get to know one self better. The book will soon be published on this website and will be found under the Tools section. Understanding that self improvement does not mean going it alone, and in fact, that a mentor or guide, as well as a social group of people with similar interests, could aid one in taking the steps necessary to achieve a goal, Joe had the idea of creating a website where people could share their advice and encouragement to the end that all involved come away with a sense of self-fulfillment. LLC was formed in 2006 to create this website built on Joe’s ideas of self-improvement, self-fulfillment and community.

The site is growing with new members each day. I encourage you to check it out. While you're there, take a look at their other circles. They cover a wide variety of topics such as fitness, hiking, training for a triathlon, competitive swimming, sewing, travel, relationships, stress management, and much more.

Don't worry, RunnerDude's Blog isn't going anywhere. It's going strong (thanks to you, the readers) and daily posts will continue as well as the fun contests that you've made so successful.


Jo Lynn said...

You find the BEST info. ;)

RunnerDude said...

Thanks Jo Lynn! Put that doughnut down!! ;-)

The Running Bob said...

Thanks, that is pretty cool. I'll give it a look. There are a couple of things I want to try but would like the encouragement and some insight with my risk taking.

RunnerDude said...

Hey The Running Bob! Cool! Check it out. Be glad to be there and help you reach your goals!