Friday, December 4, 2009

New Website for Endurance Athletes!

RunnerDude is excited to tell you about a new website for endurance athletes just like you! The website——will contain...

• Compelling interviews with elite athletes from running, swimming, biking, and other competitive sports.
• Health advice from leading professionals in both sports medicine and general medicine including ways to treat fitness injuries, and prevent them from happening.
• Interviews on featured races and events throughout the nation, events that attract hundreds to thousands of participants and those events that are new that could be big hits.
• News and features on items that hit home among elite, semi-competitive and first timers that update them on the latest news and information effecting them today.
• Stories about everyday accomplishments, achievements and those that overcome all odds.
• Shows featuring beginner to advanced workout methods to accomplish different results.
• A major focus on kids and healthy lifestyle activities, ways to participate and ways to keep them safe before, during and after participating.
• Myth busting, eliminating those unnecessary ideas when it comes to healthy and competitive living.
• A look at the newest and improved products from head-to-toe on the market today.
• Trip giveaways and entries into events that are hard to get into

A unique and core part of Pure Fit Radio lies in the 50 Endurance State Reporters (ESR) each representing their state and keeping athletes from beginners to elites up-to-date on upcoming events and events that recently took place to mark your calendar about when it comes around next year. Each week, each ESR will host their own 2-minute podcast on the Pure Fit Radio website. RunnerDude is proud to announce that he's been asked to be the ESR for North Carolina.

The site is still in the works, but should be up-and-running by the end of the month. I'll post on the blog when the site is running full-force and the ESR podcasts are available.

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