Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ease Back Into It

Have you been laid-up from running for several weeks due to an injury or some other life obstacle? When you're ready for your return to running, be sure to ease back into running.

Many runners eager to get back in the swing of their regular running routine, try to start back at the pace and intensity of their original pre lay-off routine. While mentally you might be ready to bounce back to your normal pace, your body probably isn't quite up to speed with your brain. Many a runner has headed out full speed on their return to running re-injuring themselves only to be laid-up even longer. So, take it slow.

If you were laid-off from running for 6 weeks or more, use the following plan to get back up to speed. If you're an experienced runner and you were able to do some cross-training while you were off, then take about a month to ease back into your regular routine. Baby steps at first. Begin with a 5-minute warm-up walk followed by a 10 to 15-minute run every other day. Increase the run by a few minutes each day. The following week, switch to running two days at a time followed by a rest day. Remember to keep all your runs at an easy pace. By the third week, you should be up to around a 30-minute run. During the next week, add another running day, making it three-days-on and one-day off (still keeping it at an easy pace). By Week 5 you should be back to running 4-6 days a weeks and you can start upping the pace and adding in some varied workouts. (Keep in mind that due to specific injuries, your doctor's return-to-running plan may be different. Be sure to follow his/her plan.)

May 2010 be an injury-free running season for all!


kristen said...

oh i am there! ugh... a few weeks off? six months? more like a year. :( i would add not to get down on yourself if you can only hustle a few minutes at a time. take your runs in stride (hur hur) and gradually increase time running and decrease time walking. i used to run for hours at a time, now i can manage 5 minutes and i feel like a champ! here's to retraining! :)

Kenley said...

Hey, thanks for the advise man. Does the same thing apply if its NOT injury related, as far as the time off? Have a Happy Holidays!

Sabrina said...

Thanks for the's always great to gain nuggets of knowledge that help you to become a better runner. I couldn't handle the running indoors when it's cold one though. Where I live that would mean 6 months out of the year I would run indoors, Yuck. I love my outdoor runs, so much to take my mind off the time.

Unknown said...

Coming back from 6 weeks of no running is hard! It really is tough to hold yourself back from wanting to be immediately back at where you were. After surgery for a torn meniscus, I'm up to 3 miles every other day and still really can't wait to be back at my regular 5 miles daily. But you are right. Taking it slow is the way to do it. I'm just glad I'm still so addicted to running and can see myself back time. Thanks for the advise. I like your blog.

RunnerDude said...

Hi Diana! Welcome to the blog! Glad you're on the mend!