Friday, November 27, 2009

Tis The Season: Great Gift Ideas for Runners!

Okay, today's Black Friday—the biggest shopping day of the year. If you're like some, you've been up since midnight and you're already on your 10th store hitting all the sales with no mercy. Or if you're like me, you're as far away from a crowded shopping mall as you can get.

Either case, it is the time of the year to be thinking of gifts for your loved ones. And, if they're runners, why not treat them to something they can use while pounding the pavement (or the trail) in 2010? Or maybe you're the one who's the runner and you're struggling with gift ideas to pass along to your family members. Whichever is the case, below are some great running gift-buying tips, gift ideas, and websites you may want to check out.

Gift-Buying Tips for Runners:
1. Runners are extremely picky about their shoes (or if they're like my barefoot running friend, Josh, they won't have any need for shoes). Don't buy shoes for runners unless they've specifically expressed exactly what shoe brand and model to buy. If you definitely know that someone needs running shoes, but you're not sure what to get, then a gift certificate to your local running store or for one of the many online running stores is your best bet.
2. Items that meet a runner's fueling or hydration needs are a good bet, but check to see if your runner prefers a handheld water bottle or a hydration belt before making a purchase.
3. Running Apparel is always a good idea, but pay close attention to the types of running clothes worn by your runner. Some runners prefer longer, baggy shorts, while others like them just above the knee, and still others like the shorter racing style of shorts. For colder climates, try to find out if your runner likes traditional-fitting or looser-fitting running tights. Be sure to buy clothes made of technical fabrics that breathe and allow sweat/moisture to be whisked away. Avoid buying anything made of cotton.
4. Is your running friend always complaining of sore muscles? Then maybe a gift certificate for a sports massage is just what he/she needs!
5. If you've racked your brain and you still can't come up with any gift ideas for your runner, think about purchasing the services of a running coach/trainer for an upcoming race your loved one/friend has been talking about. Check around, you may be able to buy a gift certificate for the services that could be used anytime during the upcoming year. To find an certified RRCA running coach in your area [click here].

Great Stocking-Stuffers for Runners:
Training-related and/or inspirational running books
Running log or journal
Sports watch
Gloves, hats, neck muff, and/or hand and feet warmers
Sports Gels (Gu, Power Gel, Accel Gel, Hammer, Sports Beans, etc.)
Energy Bars (Clif, Power Bar, Balance, etc.)
Gift certificate to a favorite running store
Running socks
Identification Jewelry (RoadID)
Gift certificate to your runner's favorite post-run bagel or coffee shop

Running Gift Ideas:
RoadID: Identification bracelets, necklaces, and more. A must have for every runner!
PaceTat: Race pace tattoos for most race distances and any pace!
CEP Socks: Compression socks are perfect for enhancing performance & aiding in recovery. Use the coupon code "Runnerdude" and receive a 10% discount on your order.
The Stick: Massage tool great for the relief of muscle soreness, pain, and injury
Hydration Belts: Perfect for carrying water or sport drink on those long runs
Handheld Water Bottles: Perfect for shorter runs
Pocket Pedometers: A variety of pedometers some with PC software
Inspired Endurance: Jewelry for the endurance runner
Timex Ironman Watches: One of the most dependable watches a runner can have!
GPS for Runners: Tracks time, name it!
Heart rate monitor: One of the best ways to know you're training at the right intensity
Hand and Feet Warmers: Perfect for the runner who complains of cold hands and/or feet!
Custom-made Granola: Perfect for the picky-eater runner
Custom-Made Granola Bars: Perfect for the picky-eater runner on the go!
Seat Shield: Waterproof, odorproof seat covers
Lock Laces: Elastic lacing system
Running Funky: Uniquely colorful activewear
Transpack: Athletic backpack
Running Diva Gift Bag: Loaded with running gear just for her
Frosty Runner Gift Bag: Loaded with gear for the cold-weather runner
Marathon Training Gift Bag: Loaded with gear for the marathon trainer
For U Mothers: Gifts for mothers who run
Well Baskets: Gift baskets for the nutritional needs of athletes
Skirt Goddess: Running Apparel for women
Mission On!: Skin care products for athletes
Baby Jogger: For the mom and/or dad that wants to take Jr. along for the run
Cafe Press: T-shirts, sweat shirts, mugs, stickers, etc.

Great Sites for Running Shoes, Apparel, Gear, & More:


Junk Miler said...

I'll gladly accept gloves and hats.

-Barefoot Josh

RunnerDude said...

Not that you're hinting, right? You listening Iris?

Iris said...

Yep, I can read between the lines. Shoes for Josh on the way!

Since we're hinting, I'd like a 10oz handheld water bottle with a pouch big enough to fit my driver's license and keys.

RunnerDude said...

Ut oh...I started something.
Hey Iris, sorry the Random Number Generator didnt' cooperate. It would have been awesome if the Barefoot Runner's wife had won the shoes...maybe next contest! :-)

Kerrie said...

Good list. I'll be forwarding this to the hubs...


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Great list. I'm going to leave this page up on my wife's computer :)

Kenley said...

Great List!

runrgrl2007 said...

I think I just bought myself a Christmas gift! Thanks for the great sites Thad!

Lorenda said...

I'm with you--far away from the shopping malls!! It's 3pm on black Friday and I have not been in a store all day! I will be driving by a few shortly on my way to a trail to go for a run!! I have to stop at a grocery after running but I figure being in running clothes and dripping sweat nobody will come near me!!
Happy Black Friday!!!!

Michelle said...

Great list Runnerdude!!! I think the RoadID is a perfect gift for a runner/cyclist!!!

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