Thursday, November 26, 2009

A RunnerDude's Thanksgiving

I’m thankful for my running shoes that take me oh so far.
I’m even thankful for the trails from which my knees have scars.

I’m thankful for PB&J’s that fuel my morning runs.
I’m thankful for the metatarsal pad, for without it I couldn’t run.

I’m thankful for techno fabrics, Vaseline, and Bodyglide.
I’m thankful for the GOFAR Kids whose first 5K filled me with pride.

I’m thankful for my running buddies who share an encouraging word.
I’m thankful I broke a 5K 20, a goal which once seemed absurd.

I’m thankful for my Nike watch with the extra big numbers I can see.
I’m thankful for that finish line whose sight fills me with glee.

I’m thankful for the bounty of pasta, rice, and bread.
I’m thankful for the days when my feet don’t feel like lead.

I’m thankful for Dr. Fields—my injuries he has tended.
I’m thankful for Ibuprofen and the many things it’s mended.

I’m thankful for compression socks and how quick they speed recovery.
I’m thankful for UFL and its Gatorade discovery.

I’m thankful for the burst of carbs I get from taking a Gu.
I’m thankful for the 20-milers when I’m not in need of a loo.

I’m thankful for the ice baths that make me want to scream.
I’m thankful for Boston that provides me with a dream.

I’m thankful for post-run fellowship around a cup-o-joe.
I’m thankful for the days I run, even if I’m slow.

I’m thankful for my solo runs that bring me inner peace.
I’m thankful for the blog ideas that seem to never cease.

I’m thankful for my family that supports this crazy runner.
I’m thankful for my NPTI buddies who’ve made life so much funner.

I’m thankful for the readers and their generous dialogue.
And, I'm thankful for their stories that inspire me to blog.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Mel-2nd Chances said...

Lots to be thankful for! Great post, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours :)

runrgrl2007 said...

I think I am gonna cry! My blog today is I should be thankful. I think you just helped me add a little perspective! Happy Thanksgiving Thad.

Lara said...

Beautiful rhymes, they brought a tear to my eye... sniff. :-) So much to be thankful for. My kids and I were discussing this very topic on a walk last night.

Relentless Forward Commotion said...

haha great post! HAPPY THANKSGIVING Runner Dude!

Running Through Life said...

Very clever! Have a happy Thanksgiving Runner Dude!

Kenley said...

Great Poem RunnerDude! We do have a lot to be thankful for. Thanksgiving is everyday, especially thanking God for everything, providing us with what we need, and often times, a bit more. You and your family have a great Thanksgiving!

Felice Devine said...

Great things to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!

EZEthan said...

For some reason I was singing your poem (in my head) to the melody of Lady Gaga's Poker Face...

Mollie said...

As I prepare for my first 10k tomorrow, the 100th Thanksgiving Day Race in Cincinnati, I am thankful for the wealth of knowledge that Runner Dude and all of the other bloggers out there are willing to share with the newbies for free. A spot of inspiration and motivation, while I'm trying to make this running habit stick!! Happy Thanksgiving!

Redhead Running said...

Love the poem! LOL! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

RunnerDude said...

Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments! I'm thankful more than you know for your visits to the blog. Enjoy your thanksgiving!

Dena said...

Are you trying to put me out of business? Who's the writer here, anyway? Great job!!

RunnerDude said...

Thanks Dena! You've inspired me about writing the way I hope I've inspired others about running. Happy Thanksgiving!

runcharlotterun said...

Great poem! I was thinking how thankful I was for many of the same things yesterday while running in a local 5K in the sunshine (just not thinking in verse!) - one correction: Gatorade was invented at U of Florida (not Florida State) so we have them to thank for that. Love your blog.

RunnerDude said...

Hi RunCharlotteRun! Yikes! Thanks for the UFL catch! Fact check, fact check, fact check... LOL!! Maybe I should put you on the payroll (if there was one). Correction made. Have a great weekend!