Monday, June 21, 2010

Thriv Has Done It Again!

Have you ever been on a long run where everything is going great physically? Legs feeling good. Breathing is in sync. Feeling strong. Only thing bothering you is that your shorts are giving you a mega-wedgie or your singlet is chaffing the smithereens out of your nips? Running apparel can make or break a good run. You can slather on all the anti-chaffing cream, powder, and ointment you want, but if the clothes are an irritation, you'll probably never wear them again.

Enter Thriv to the rescue! Never heard of them? I hadn't either until several months ago when Thriv asked if I'd be willing to test out one of their new shirts. Well, you see, I'm a bit of a running clothes hog. I love trying out new running clothes and running gear. The reason I'm constantly on the search for running shorts and tops is that I'm a sweater. No, not the snuggley kind your grandmother knits. Rather, the sweaty pig type. (Yes, I know pigs don't sweat, but you get the idea). In the summer I usually run shirtless, because, no matter what I wear, it just seems to get drenched during my run. I look more like I've been swimming instead of running.

One of the things that also intrigued me about Thriv was that their garments are made from bamboo. Yep, Bamboo. Thriv has developed a unique yarn process and fabric finishing process that blends cotton, bamboo, and elastane creating a fabric that provides moisture-wicking, anti-odor, UV protection, and thermal regulation.

Sound too good to be true? I thought so too, until I tried out the first shirt I received several months ago. The shirt was extremely soft and light weight. I wore the shirt during an intense workout at the gym one day and (then after a washing) I tested it out on a few rather sweaty runs. In all cases, the shirt worked amazingly well. During my gym workout, the shirt stretched with me and was not binding. It also was breathable and wore great. On the runs, I had similar results. The shirt did become damp (as expected), but it was not saturated. The material was breathable and did allow most of my perspiration to evaporate. The fabric is surprisingly soft.
Thriv has recently extended their line of great performance clothing and I recently tested their new Air Sleeveless top. The summer months here in North Carolina are hot and muggy. Very humid. So, if something tests well here, it should work just about anywhere. I've worn the Air Sleeveless on four 90°+ runs and the shirt has performed great for me. I've come to realize that I sweat so much that nothing is going to keep me completely dry, but the Air Sleeveless comes close. The fabric is so soft and lightweight that it feels almost like running shirtless. Also, the sweat seems to penetrate the fabric from the back to the top of the fabric where it quickly evaporates. So, I actually do stay pretty dry. I wasn't able to wring out buckets of water from the fabric like I usually do after a run with other shirts.
Currently Thrive makes their clothing in men's sizes Medium through XX-Large. I'm a little guy, so when they start making a Small, I'll really be a happy camper. But until then, the medium works pretty well for me. Ladies, no worries, Thriv has some great apparel items for you too!

The clothing is also affordable. Another key factor in whether I like it or not. Most of their shirts are priced in the $25-$35 range. Their shorts are priced in the $35-$40 range. Pretty competitive with most of the other sports performance apparel companies.

The other thing I like about this company is that they truly believe in and back their product. Their mission is to make athletes as comfortable as they can be during their grueling events or just a regular workout.

Thriv did provide the clothing for my review, but I was not paid for the review nor was I encouraged to do a positive review. My review is based purely on my experience with the product. Honestly, I'd have to say that Thriv is a great find and probably my new favorite line of running apparel. It definitley gets 5 Dudes out of 5 Dudes on the RunnerDude's Rating Scale!! Be sure to check out the new line at their website.

Thanks Triv!!


Nicki said...

Thanks for the review! Like you, I am a sweater. I get tired of my running gear not drying from day to day even though it is hung separately and where it should. Yup, lots of sweat!

I love my bamboo socks so may take a look at this line.

Evolving Through Running said...

Definitely have to give this a look. As a fellow tarheel I'm interested in anything that can perform well in the weather around here.

RunnerDude said...

Hi Nicki! Let me know what you think. I love the items I've tried.

RunnerDude said...

Hi Evolve Through Running! I really like the stuff. If you give it a try. Let me know. Not sure how Cary is, but Greensboro, has been rough with the humidity! Have any upcoming races?

Anonymous said...

I don't know. I'm a bit skeptical. I sweat SO much when i run that when I stop my shorts are so saturated they drip as I stretch. My socks get wet from teh saturated shirt and shirts dripping onto my legs, down them, and into my socks. Do you really think they can handle that? Sounds like I sweat more than you do (heat index is usually 100F or close with 85% humidity when I run).

Sorry for the anon - this is Kathy from Mexico. Oh, and I picked up some coconut water I saw in the store just so I could take a picture for you. :)

RunnerDude said...

Hi Kathy! Well, I've not run in Mexico, so I can't make any promises. I do usually have soggy feet when I run. You'll probably still be damp, but for me anyway, it did seem to help. Even thought I was still wet, I didn't seem to have nearly the amount in my clothes that I normally have. Give it a try with one shirt and see. Might surprise you. The other cool thing is that they don't retain that nasty BO smell that sometimes happen with synthetic workout clothes.

RunnerDude said...

Hey Kathy! Me again! Can't wait to see that picture!

Boris T said...

I'll have to look at em myself, thank for the review.

Chris said...

Just to echo what someone else said, bamboo socks are great! If you're feet tend to sweat a lot (as do mine) bamboo offers comparable, if not better, moisture wicking than most other fabrics I've tried. As long as they're not taking that bamboo away from any of the endangered pandas, I'm all for it!

Kevin M. Folta said...

I bought this line because I needed a visible color in a light shirt for bicycling. One shirt and I was hooked. These are light and cool and do a tremendous job in assisting the evaporation process, possibly better than skin alone. I wish they had more products, and I guess that they will. I also think you'll see the big names gravitate to this composition- it is that good.