Thursday, October 13, 2016

Beginning Running Program Starts Soon!

Thinking about learning to run? The Next RunnerDude's Fitness Beginning Running Group starts Nov 10th!

With our program, we don't just set you off on a run/walk program, we teach you the elements of good running form, how to breathe properly, and we provide you a supportive group that will safely help you reach your goal of running 30 minutes with no walking by the end of the 12-week program.

Our program focuses on good form and building endurance, not pace or speed. Even though it's a group format, each runner is encouraged to run at their own pace. During the group runs, runners use a GYMBOSS interval timer that beeps when it's time to switch from a run to a walk and vice versa. This is great because it frees you up from always looking at your watch. Also, everyone in the group is running the same amount of total time (30 minutes). So while some may cover more or less ground depending on their natural pace, you'll all start and finish at the same time. No one will feel pushed too hard and no one will fell held back either. The group aspect is that you all have the same goal and you're there to support each other and hold each other accountable. 

Participants  also get a copy of Full-Body Fitness for Runners, a 170-page book chock full of nutrition info, good running form info, healthy recipes, and over 90 full-body exercises designed for runners. This is a great resource to have during the program and after! 

Also....a video running stride analysis is included in the program. Cost is only $100 for the 12 weeks. 

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