Sunday, September 12, 2010

Calling All Running Chefs!

Last month, I posted about a great new energy bar called 3BAR. 3BAR is the creation of Erin DeMarines a competitive triathlete, certified nutritional consultant, certified sports nutritional consultant, certified personal trainer, fitness model, and founder of E-Fit Foods, Inc. 3BAR has grown to become a leading energy bar of triathletes and people seeking a "clean, natural, low sugar, wheat and gluten free, and vegan energy bar. To check out my review of 3BAR [click here].

The recipe for 3BAR originated with a cookie recipe from Erin's grandmother. In honor of Erin and her grandmother's cookie recipe which evolved into today's 3BAR, I'm holding an all-call for your own special training recipes. I'm looking for those special dishes you have created while training. Could be a snack or a main entrée. Could be something you only eat while training or maybe it's a healthy dish you eat all year long that provides that extra fuel to sustain your active lifestyle. To get an idea of some previous recipes featured on the blog [click here].

Each recipe will be featured on the blog, so be sure to take photos of your creation as well as some photos of you and your family/friends making and/or eating the celebrated dish. Each submitter of a recipe will be entered into a contest drawing. Each recipe email will be assigned a number in the order that it's received. Those numbers will be entered at True Random Number Generator to select a winner. The winner will receive an assorted pack of 3BARS (15 bars total-a $30 value) provided by Erin and E-Fit Foods, Inc. (Thanks Erin!) and a $25 gift certificate to! The winner will also be the first to have their recipe featured on the blog. All of the recipes will be featured (one a week) in the subsequent weeks.

To enter, simply send your recipe and photos (jpeg format) to Be sure to put "Recipe" in the subject line. Also, be sure to include your full name and a little bio about yourself along with your recipe. The deadline for submitting a recipe is October 3rd.

I look forward to reading and testing all the recipes!!

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