Wednesday, December 14, 2011

RunnerDude's Blog is Clean!

If you visited the blog yesterday, you probably got a message that warned you not to go to the blog that it was known to distribute malware. I was just as shocked as you to get such a message.

I pride myself on being very careful with the blog and very selective on the content I put on the blog. Unfortunately there are lots of "bad guys" out there up to their malicious tricks. So, I quickly got to work tracking down the problem.

I discovered that in the section of the blog where I list other running blogs that I follow, one of those blogs had been severely hacked. Having a link to that blog caused the warning to appear if you tried to visit RunnerDude's Blog yesterday.

I removed the link and resubmitted my blog to Google for review and it was cleared and put back online. So please feel free to visit the blog. I apologize for any worries this may have caused.

Because I now have a heightened sense of security, I've made the comments portion on each post on an approval basis. So, please still leave your awesome and helpful comments. I'll read each one and weed out the obvious risks.

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Thanks again for your loyal support and readership!


Lindsay said...

I actually got the malware warning when visiting another blog (runninghood) - which was flagged because it had a link to you! Glad it's fixed now.

RunnerDude said...

Thanks, Lindsay! yep, that one lil link to another blog caused a big ole domino effect, unfortunately.