Sunday, November 27, 2011

No-Cost and Low-Cost Key-Storing Tips for Runners!

One of the most annoying and pesky parts of running, has nothing to do with running. It has to do with your keys. Where do you put your car or house key while you're running? Believe me I've had my fare share of locking myself out of the car at the park and having to call home to be picked up. And unfortunately, unless your car is a 20-year-old junker and you're trying to get it stolen, leaving the key on a tire or in the bumper isn't really a wise idea. It's the first place most thieves look.

Below are several ways (frugal freebies and ready-to-purchase products) to help you safely keep track of your keys while on the run.

1. String it! Secure your key to your running shorts by sliding one end of the draw cord (in waistband of your running shorts) through the hole in the key. Pull the key all they way down to your waist band, then tie a half-knot with the same string just above the key. Next, use both strings to tie a bow as if you were tying a kid's shoe. Double-knot the bow for extra security. The double-knotted bow and the half-knot on the one lace gives you three layers of security! 

2. Lace it! If you don't like the feel of the key at your waist, then try using basically the same method but on a shoelace. Remove one lace from the last hole, slide the key onto the lace, then thread the lace back through the last hole. Next, tie your shoe and double knot the bow.  If the key bobs up and down while running, try sliding the end of the key beneath one of the criss-crossed laces.

3. Pocket it! Most running shorts today have a little key pocket inside the waistband. This is great, however many times it's either too big or too small. Unless the pocket is zippered, don't rely on the pocket alone for securing the key. Reinforce the opening with a safety pin. 
4. Hair it! Ladies (or men), if you have long hair, you have the perfect place to store a key! Secure your key to a stretchy hair band by pulling one end of a head band through the key hole to make a small loop on the other end of the key hole. Then insert the other end of the stretchy band through the small loop and pull. Viola! The key is secured. Now use the band as you normally would to put your hair into a ponytail. Don't have long hair? No problem! After securing the key to the band, slip it onto your wrist and wear it like a bracelet, or just safety pin the band to your shirt or shorts. 

5. Buy it! Today there are several different products on the market aimed at helping you keep track of your keys! Check out some of my favorites below! These inexpensive options also make great holiday and/or birthday gifts for the runner in the family.

The Ultra Pocket Hat from Gone For A Run has two zippered pockets perfect for keys, gels, ID, money, etc. The pockets feature a velcro closure and holds contents securely and comfortably. Its aerodynamic construction, ventilated mesh side panels, reflective safety piping, moisture wicking material along with these patented outer pockets make this hat a top choice for athletes. 
The Shoe Pouch from RoadID is another a great option. The pouch is versatile, durable, and will keep its contents dry in its water resistant ripstop nylon pouch. It easily attaches to your shoe laces with a velcro strap. Also, if you already own a Sport ID from RoadID, you can easily attach it to the Shoe Pouch having it double as a form of ID as well as a storage place for keys and money. 

The Micropack Land Sport Pack from Amphipod is a great option for key storage while on the run. The patented lock-on design of this handy pocket/pouch clamps directly to waistband, securely attaching without confining or chafing. You can stash keys, cash, ID, credit cards, energy food or sunglasses while on the run without bouncing and jingling.


Sara said...

These are great ideas - especially the hairband one, which is something I never thought of. Thanks!

RunnerDude said...

Hi Sara! Awesome! Glad you liked the ideas!

Anonymous said...

Lace It!

A great idea that has worked for me for nearly 30 years.

Aimee said...

LOVE the hairband one...I can't believe I've never thought of that before!

Jaclynn said...

Thanks for all the great ideas!

Kenley said...

Great Ideas! Don't know if I would actually buy anything for my keys, but I usually find places to put my keys were I don't have to hang on to them, that I know I will remember where they are. Too bad I can't use the hairband one. lol. Take care.

Heather said...

Loop it onto your ipod cord so that it rests next to your ipod. Tuck it in your bra. Or loop it higher up on your ipod cord AND tuck it in your bra.

Jolene said...

~Great post!~ I've not had this issue yet but do know it can be problematic for many and you've done a great job of showing how to beat it!