Sunday, December 26, 2010

RunnerDude's Stellar-Stamp Awards for 2010!

Over the past 12 months, I've tried many different running products. Most were good, but some were stellar! Listed below are 10 products that have received the RunnerDude's Blog Stellar-Stamp-of-Approval. If you haven't already tried some of these products, think about checking them out in 2011!

YurBuds—yurbuds™ are custom sized earbud enhancers (produced by yurtopia LLC) that increase comfort, don't fall out, and enhance sound quality. They fit right over your existing earbuds or you can purchase yurtopia’s version of earbuds called yurphones™ that come equipped with the custom yurbuds™.

Saucony Progrid KinvaraSaucony's version of a minimalist shoe. I've tested a lot of shoes over the past two years, and I can honestly say that this shoe tops them all. I've been testing the minimalist waters and the shoes that I've tried have worked well, but the Kinvara worked great for me right out of the box.

3BAR—3BAR is engineered to contain exactly what your body needs to re-fuel. Many of the bars on the market today are loaded with chemicals and therefore lack balance. 3BAR is a balanced nutrient-dense product to give you the most energy, and you will feel naturally energized from it! And the best part about 3BAR, it TASTES good!!!

StuffittsStuffitts is a soft, form-fitting shape that is inserted into shoes after wearing. Combining new fabric technology, a unique foot-shaped design that maximizes point-to-point absorption, and soft cedar inserts – a pair of Stuffitts can help extend the life of your shoes significantly by protecting your shoes from moisture and odor! Stuffitts work effectively in all types of shoes, boots, and cleats…they also come in sizes to fit men, women, and children. They are made from 100% natural cedar and are 100% reusable.

Thriv—Running and active-wear apparel made from bamboo that provides moisture wicking, anti–microbial, thermal regulation, UV protection, and comfort! I've tested several of their men's tops and have been extremely pleased. They wear well, and do promote moisture wicking and thermal regulation. The anti-microbial aspects does help keep the "stink-factor" at a minimum too!

Run: The Mind-Body Method of Running by Feel—While not a product like the others listed, this book by Matt Fitzgerald is great for helping you better tune into your body and what it's telling you while your running. Your body can be the best "gadget" out there to help you improve your running and training.

Landice Treadmills—The Landice L Series treadmills deliver a health-club quality workout in the privacy of your own home. Landice consistently receives "Best Home Treadmills" awards from leading magazines. In my opinion, the best club-quality treadmill you can buy for your home.

Warrior Training Bracelet—Sometimes what you need to help get you through those last few miles of a tough workout aren't the latest hydration product or GPS gadget. No, sometimes what you need is a boost of confidence. The Warrior Training Bracelet does just that. Just a simple word like "Persevere", "Courage" or "Strength" is all you need to remind you that you have what it takes to be a champion.

Sprinter Headlamp—This headlamp is ultra light, weighing only 3.5oz. It has a very bright light (around 70 lumens) which well let you see about 150 feet ahead and best of all the light is focused on the ground right around your feet and a few strides ahead, perfect for runners. The headlamp also comes with a blinking red light positioned on the back strap making it a great safety feature. Probably the best feature of all is that the lamp is rechargeable. There's no batteries!!

Toe JuiceThis simple product works great getting rid of dry calloused areas on a runner's feet. Also helps get rid of athlete's foot, jock itch, ringworm, and other fungus related skin issues.

(Note: This list is based on my own opinion and experience with each product. No payment or endorsement fee has been provided by any of the featured companies.)


Lauren said...

Thanks for the list! Happy New Year :)

Lucas R. Tucker said...

Looking forward to trying the kinervas soon

Jen said...

Always nice to get a thumbs up on a new product before I purchase. Now if only I had a couple thousand $$$ for that treadmill....

wendy said...

Happy New Year, Thad!