Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holiday Gifts for Runners!

At a loss for what to give someone who has everything? Maybe it's your spouse? Sibling? Best friend? Boss? Colleague? Neighbor down the street? Are they a runner? If so, then check out the gift suggestions below. From the practical, to the indulgent, to the whimsical, there's something for every runner in your life. Check it out!

Warrior Training Bracelets
Warrior Training Bracelets from Endorphin Warrior are made to wear while running, cycling, working out, sweating, racing...or all day long. Each features a positive and powerful keyword or phrase to help you train, perform and live with greater strength of body and mind. Available in multiple sizes to fit both women and men. Selling for $20 each, these make great gifts. Perfect for stocking stuffers! Endorphin Warrior also sells rings, necklaces, hats, T-shirts, and more!

Hog Wash and Toe Juice®
Hog Wash™ was created by request from nurses that were suffering from dry, cracked hands from having to wash them so frequently. They wanted a sanitizer that would prevent the dryness and cracking while at work. I personally use Hog Wash™ and have it available for my clients to use in the Studio at RunnerDude's Fitness. With multiple clients using the same equipment, it's essential for both me and my clients to take care not to spread germs and colds. I can speak from personal experience that it really does work. Your hands don't have that dried-out feeling you get when using most other hand sanitizers. Toe Juice is another great product. It works great getting rid of dry calloused areas on you feet. Also helps get rid of athlete's foot, jock itch, ringworm, and other fungus related skin issues. Both Hog Washand Toe Juice make great stocking stuffers. You can order the products online at the Hog Wash™ or Toe Juice® site as well as at amazon.com and drugstore.com. Or if you live in the western part of the country as well as Illinois and Kentucky, you can pick them up at your local Walgreens, Harmon's or Albertsons.

CEP Compression Socks
Give yourself an edge with CEP Running O2 Compression Sportsocks featuring 18-25mmHg compression. Used by professional triathletes around the world, CEP running socks are the first scientifically proven compression running socks - to maximize power, boost energy, and speed recovery time. See what all the buzz is about and try CEP Running O2 compression socks today. With a 30-day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose. Available for men and women in white, black, pink or green. Sold per pair for $59.90. Use the coupon code "Runnerdude" and save 10% on  your order!

If you are a runner, cyclist, triathlete or just a person who doesn't sit on the couch all day, RoadID is for you. This awesome piece of gear not only looks good but it could save your life. In the event of an accident, if you can't speak for yourself, your Road ID will. Available in 6 different styles. It's not just a piece of gear - it's peace of mind. $19.99

Firefly® Supernova

Running at night? Cycling in the wee hours of the morning? If so, make sure you can be seen by motorists - it could save your life. Make sure you can be seen - take Firefly with you - whenever you go out in the dark. This little fella packs quite a punch. Simply put, it's the brightest, lightest, most durable security light in its class. Other lights just don't compare. You won't believe how bright this safety light is. Its durable plastic clip enables you to securely attach it to your waistband, belt or even your shirt collar. Wear it whenever you go out at dark and be seen by motorists from up to a mile away. $12.99

The Sprinter Headlamp
This month, Black Diamond released a new headlamp called The Sprinter. This headlamp is ultra light, weighing only 3.5oz. It has a very bright light (around 70 lumens) which well let you see about 150 feet ahead and best of all the light is focused on the ground right around your feet and a few strides ahead, perfect for runners. The headlamp also comes with a blinking red light positioned on the back strap making it a great safety feature. Probably the best feature of all is that the lamp is rechargeable. There's no batteries!! $79.95 

Timex Global Trainer GPS
Introducing the Global Trainer™ Bodylink® System, the first GPS-enabled watch worthy of the Timex® Ironman® name. Get pace, speed, distance and more—all on your wrist. Easy to use for those who want a simple speed & distance product, thanks to the thoughtful and intuitive interface that Timex is known for. But also fully customizable for multisport athletes that require a high-performance training tool. $300
Right now Timex is offering a $50 Rebate!

Saucony ViZi-PRO High Visibility Gear
Are you concerned with safety when out on a run at dawn or dusk? If the answer is yes, then Saucony has a solution for you. Saucony introduces VI PROZI to the high visibility gear on the market. This striking fluorescent orange definitely stands out from the traditional fluorescent yellow. There are three essential pieces in the men’s and women’s VIZI PRO line, which include the Saucony VIZI PRO Soniclite HD Jacket, Saucony VIZI PRO Optech Sportop and the Saucony VIZI PRO Soniclite HD Vest. For the men's line [click here]. For the women's line [click here]. $15-$150

Hot Hands Hand Warmers and Toastitoes Foot Warmers
Many people find that when the weather turns cold, no matter what they do they have a very difficult time keeping warm. No matter how many layers they put on they still can not beat the chill factor, but the good news is now there is a way!            Hot Hands hand warmers are 100% natural which means no harmful chemicals or batteries. Composed of iron, water, salt, wood fiber and activated charcoal these all natural products make our hand warmers, safe and environmentally friendly. Once the warmer is removed from its package, it is air activated to produce a warming all natural heat keeping your hands warm for up to ten hours. Hand Warmers are perfect for anyone who enjoys enjoying the great outdoors regardless of the temperature. Because of their air activation they are easy to open and activate, even with gloves on! They are perfect for sticking in your pockets for some added warmth. $.75 per pair or $27.95 for a box of 40. Also check out Toastitoes Foot Warmers.

Stuffitts Shoe Savers
Stuffitts is a soft, form-fitting shape that is inserted into shoes after wearing. Combining new fabric technology, a unique foot-shaped design that maximizes point-to-point absorption, and soft cedar inserts – a pair of Stuffitts can help extend the life of your shoes significantly by protecting your shoes from moisture and odor! Stuffitts work effectively in all types of shoes, boots, and cleats…they also come in sizes to fit men, women, and children. They are made from 100% natural cedar and are 100% reusable. I have a pair of Stuffitts and they're great! Check out my review of Stuffitts. $24.95

The great people at Gone For A Run have created a unique place to keep all those race bibs! BibFOLIO is the perfect solution for collecting racing bibs. As you add racing bibs and your collection grows it becomes a great memory and conversation piece of races run.  Supply the name or message and your BibFOLIO cover will be customize just for you.  It's a great piece to display on a coffee table, easel, desk or bookcase. Surely to be treasured for many years to come. I have a BibFOLIO and it's a great way to safely store your treasured racing bibs. Check out my review of the BibFOLIO. $39.99 While you're at the Gone For A Run Website, be sure to check out all their other great gifts for runners!

THRIV Natural Performance Apparel
For many years, cotton was the only option for athletes. Traditional cotton could become heavy and damp with sweat, making extended workouts uncomfortable. Polyester was reintroduced as a fiber that could perform, keeping the athlete dry. However, the material had its own host of problems—skin irritation, odor retention, lack of comfort, and a reliance on petroleum-based products and chemicals. To solve the synthetic problem, the founders of Thriv looked back to nature for a solution. Natural answers are often the best, but the toughest to come by. The solution: flex-fiv natural performance technology—a blend of Organic Cotton and Bamboo with the innovative fabric finish (bamco™—patent pending). I have several Thriv shirts and I love them. They wear very well. I highly recommend the brand. Check out the website to see all the tops, shorts, and tights available for men and women. $29.99 and up. Want more informaiton on Thriv? Check out my review.


Ever Strong said...

Can I get one of everything please? :) ahhh the Timex GPS watch is #1 on the list..

Unknown said...

Love the BibFolio! What a great idea!

Caroline said...

Love that bibfolio! what a great idea!..somebody needs to send that list to my husband!!!

Iris said...

Ooh, I was just looking at that Timex! Zombie Runner has it for $250 *before* the $50 rebate. (And free shipping!)

One Crazy Penguin said...

Great list! Definitely some things on here that I'm going to have to keep my eyes on :)

Connie R said...

Sending this link to everyone that buys for me...and other runners. Awesome list!

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

love this list!! :D

Lauren said...

Great ideas!

Nichole said...

Awesome - love the socks and the bib book.

DP_Turtle said...

Lots of great items here! I have a few - my Road ID and Supernova are indispensible! I saw the BibFolio at an expo this year and am hoping (ahem) The Wife took note of my drool.

Another idea for folks is a headband from GoHeadband.com. These are handmade by a wonderful woman and fellow runner in the U.S. I sweat a lot and have tried many headbands, but this one ROCKS!

Thanks for putting this list together!

RunnerDude said...

Hi DP_Turtle! I love the headbands! Definitely could be added to this list! Thanks!