Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Motivation on the Run and a Place for Your Key Too!

Do you have a mantra that keeps you going from day to day or maybe that inspires you on those long runs or tough interval workouts? Mine is "No fear. Persevere!" I know, kind of hokie, but it works for me. For other runners, thinking of an individual may be their inspiration. Maybe they're running in support of a sick friend or loved one. Or, maybe they're running for an absolute stranger as a part of a fundraising group such as Team In Training.

Doesn't really matter the cause, but having a mantra or a person that you're running for can be a great inspiration. Sometimes that inspiration can be even greater on those tough runs than a Gu packet.

A blog reader, put me in contact with a friend of hers (Ryan Bennett) who has created a cool new product that will help you spread the word about a cause or just help keep you inspired and motivated while your training or running that big race.

Ryan has created Heart on My Arm. Ryan says that Heart on My Arm was created to help people stay motivated while training and performing in athletic events and fundraising activities. Our core belief is that the people we love and are inspired by can help us achieve accomplishments we might have once thought impossible.

What is Heart on My Arm? It's a unique arm band with a zippered pocket and a clear plastic sleeve in which you can insert a photo or your running mantra. Or if you're a running group, you could put the logo for your group or your group's mantra. I've also found it useful for training. I stick my pacing chart in the plastic pocket so I can see my pace times on my long runs. The plastic keeps it protected and dry. Here's some other reasons Ryan says Heart on My Arm is unique:
  • Capture your motivation in a picture or quote
  • Zipper pocket holds your mp3 player, keys and other items
  • Ideal for everyday training and use
  • lightweight fabric keeps you cool and comfortable
  • Throw it in the washer, air dry, and it's good to go
  • Two Sizes to fit every arm
  • Customized armbands available for groups and teams
The bands come in two sizes (small and large). I tested both. I have a pretty small forearm for a guy and I found the small a little snug. The large size seemed to work better for me.

Heart on My Arm makes a great treat for the runner in the family or for the members of your running group. The inspiration aspects of the band are awesome, but one of the reasons I like the band is a very practical one--it provides a great place to put my car key!
Be sure to check out Heart on my Arm at their website and tell them that RunnerDude sent you. At the website you can share your story of how you used the arm band to motivate you on your runs.

Happy Running!


Kenley said...

Pretty cool idea, especially if you are in a running group at a race. You can also put a picture of your beautiful wife in it to gawk at while you run your next marathon, as long as you watch in front of you. Best wishes to the creator of this idea. Hey, I like how you have arranged the site btw. Thanks. Have a good one down there in NC dude!

Lauren Slayton said...

First, I was literally running yesterday and was repeating "finish strong, live strong" and thought to myself how hokey this self talk was. Glad I'm not alone. I also always think of my dad, who lost a leg and fought to the end as I run. How lucky we are that our bodies work and how "easy" our fight to finish a run really is. Thank you for expressing this so well. As for the arm pouch, I don't like things on my arms. Do they make a belt/waist clip version like the gu-pouches? I would love that. I love the idea.

RunnerDude said...

Hi Lauren! I'll pass along your request to "Heart on my Arm."

Lauren said...

I like the idea of the arm pouch for short runs/races -- I never have a place for my key when I'm running without a pack. Neat idea.

Thought I'd share my two mantras:
The first is when I'm feeling good, light and airy, that is:
"Don't Resist."

The second one is when I'm about to drop to the ground, that is: