Saturday, November 1, 2008

Race Pace Solution

Do you find it hard to juggle keeping up with your time and pace during training or while racing? I sure do. In the past I've used pacing bracelets but they usually get soggy and are hard to read by about halfway through the race. I've even tried covering them in clear packing tape and that helps but eventually it still gets wet. Remember those temporary tattoos that you decorated your body with as a kid? Well recently I discovered an awesome new tool called PaceTat 2.0 that takes those kid tattoos to a whole new level. You just apply it to your forearm before running and your equipped with an easy-to-read listing of your pacing times that will last the entire race! It even has mile splits with metric splits every 5 kilometers so that you can use them in shorter races as well as marathons. They're only $2.99 a piece (if you buy 10 or more you get a little discount). The tattoos come in 14 different pacing times from 3hrs to 5hrs. I highly recommend you check out PaceTat. This video clip showing how to put on one of the tattoos is pretty cool too. Also check out what Runner's World has to say about PaceTat.


Races In Places said...

Hey Joe,

Just came across your blog and so far are really enjoying it! This pace tattoo seems pretty cool, but won't it just sweat away? That would be my worry. Neat idea though.

Happy running!

RunnerDude said...

Welcome Races in Places! Glad you like the blog. Tell your running buddies about it. If you have any suggestions for blog topics, let me know. About the PaceTat, sweating off...I thought the same thing. But they are surprisingly durable. It takes rubbing alcohol or baby oil to remove them. The key is putting it on about 2hrs before you run making sure it's completely dry.