Sunday, June 7, 2020

A Return to Reading

It took me a long while before I read on my own for pleasure. As a youngster, I could read, but it took me (as compared to others) a lot longer to read the same amount. I later learned, that's because I devour each word. 

In my early 20s after college, when I was reading for me and not under time constraints of others, I became a voracious reader. I read mystery, suspense, Southern fiction, non-fiction, running books, historical fiction and more. 10 years ago, when I started RunnerDude's Fitness, my reading for me pretty much came to a halt. 14-hour days left no time. When I did have time, as soon as I was still for more than 5 minutes, I'd be in a coma. So my reading waned. 

One good thing to come out of the Covid-19 stay-at-home, is that I've had some time to pick up a book again. I'm old school. I like holding a hardback or paperback book in my hands. It's not pretty. When I read a book, the pages get crinkled, there might be a coffee stain or two, and yes (gasp), I dog-ear the pages to mark where I've stopped.  I have the Kindle app, heck my own book, Full-Body Fitness for Runners is on Kindle, but there's something for me about holding a real book that adds to the experience. 

After, I've finished a book, I have to keep it. I think that goes back to when I was a teenager and finished reading my first own-my-own novel. It was a huge accomplishment. I had invested a week of my life with that book. It was a part of me. I couldn't just give it away. As a result, our house (as an adult) was chock full of books. Over the years, being a family of 5 and living in a 1500 sq ft house, I've learned to part with books, but it still isn't easy. 

One of my favorite fiction writers is Brad Meltzer. I have all of his books, even though I haven't been able read many of them the past several years since opening RunnerDude's Fitness. So, now with the time handed to me, I'm catching up. Nothing better than a cool breeze on your face, your feet warmed by the sun, a cup of Starbucks by your side, and a good book in your hand.

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