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Holiday Gifts and New Year Resolutions

There's no better gift than the gift of health. Whether you're treating yourself or treating at friend, family
member or loved one, providing a gift that promotes fitness can have so many wonderful benefits. Not only will you or your gift recipient embark on a new fitness journey, you'll also make new friends, discover things about yourself you never new you could do, and become that healthy person you've dreamed of being.

RunnerDude's Fitness offers personal and small-group fitness training services and a variety of running coaching services from beginning running to marathon training. We would love nothing better than to be a part of your fitness quest.

If you're in the Triad area of North Carolina and you're looking for a fitness program or running group that's focused on you and your fitness needs, then check out the various programs below.

Beginning Running 
The Beginning Running Group uses a run/walk format that will have you running 30 minutes (about the distance of a 5K) with no walking by the end of the 12-week program. The program's design helps you gradually build muscular and aerobic endurance as you ease into running.

The RunnerDude's Fitness Beginning Running Program is perfect for beginning runners of all ages! So far the oldest graduate is 73 and the youngest is 12. All you need is a desire to want to run.

While this is a group program, participants are not expected to run as a pack. Everyone follows the same incremental run/walk program each week, but each person is encouraged to run his/her own level. Building Endurance and Proper Running Form is the focus of the Beginning Running Group, not pace or distance. Participants will not feel left behind nor held back.

The next program begins Sunday January 5th and meets Sundays/Tuesdays/Thursdays at 5:30pm for 12 weeks.
Cost: $120
      -GYMBOSS Interval Timer (a $20 value!)
      -Online access to the 12-week training plan and tips on nutrition, good running form & a lot more!
      - Instruction on Proper Running Form, Breathing, Stretching, Hydration, & Fueling
      - Up to 3-weekly group runs (see days/times below) along the new stretch of the A&Y Greenway
      - RunnerDude's Fitness Technical T-shirt (1 free T-shirt w/initial service or package)

Intermediate Running 
Running at least 3-5 miles and feel like you're ready for the next level, but not sure what the next level is?
Feel like your running's stagnated? Looking for ways to spice up your running?

Then the Intermediate Running Group is just for you! During this 12-week program, you'll explore different types of running workouts (fartleks, tempo runs, intervals, hill workouts, etc.), pre- and post-running stretching, and core and upper-body exercises (key for strong efficient running).

Most runners have the lower-body muscular endurance but aren't aware of the importance
of core and upper-body muscular endurance. Running is about 50% lower-body and 50%
upper-body. Each workout begins with a 10-12 exercise med-ball workout designed to
increase the muscular endurance of your core and upper body.

Each participant will need to bring a medicine ball (6-8lbs) and an exercise mat to each
workout. The exercises will vary over the 12 weeks, so in addition to the 12+-running
workouts you'll learn, you'll leave the program with a nice variety of core exercises to
continue doing on your own.

Price: $120
      - 2 weekly group runs (Monday/Thursday @6:00PM)
      - Over 12 different running workouts
     - 10-exercise core workout before each run
      - A pre- and post-program 1.5-mile run test
      - Access to online running information and videos just for
     -  participants of the group with information on everything from
      - hydration, to proper fueling, to stretching, to injury prevention.
      - RunnerDude's Fitness Technical T-shirt

Year-Round Running with the RUNegades!

 The RUNegades program is for anyone who...
-wants to learn different running workouts to take his/her running to the next level
-wants a weekly full-body workout designed for runners
-wants a weekly routine of running with others of all levels to keep motivated
 -wants to become a more efficient runner
-wants have fun getting & staying fit!

What Does it Cost?
6-Month Commitment = $360 (Less than $15 a week for 3 sessions!)
Save 10% When You Commit to 12 Months! = $648!

When does The RUNegades group begin?
You can join The RUNegades program at any time during the year. Your 6-month or
12-month commitment begins the day you register.

Where does The RUNegades group meet?
       Monday's Full-Body Circuit Workout—RunnerDude's Fitness Studio @ 6:45pm
       Tuesday's Group Run—the Greenway by RunnerDude's Fitness @ 6:45pm
       Thursday's Group Speed Workout Run—Location varies week to week depending on the type of workout.

Race Training
Which Races Can I Train For?
It's easy, just pick your race (any race), back up 14 weeks (half marathon), or 18 weeks (full marathon) from the race date, and that's when your training begins. You'll get to train with runners doing lots of different races including your own.

What Does It Include? 
        -Custom Training Plan
        -Individual Support:
        -30-minute consultation: A time to discuss your           running/racing experience and racing goals
        -Training Support Info: Online access (for race training clients only) to a wealth of training materials
        -Group Runs: 2 Weekly Group Runs (Wednesdays 6:45PM and Saturdays 7:30AM)
        -Ongoing Group and Individual Communication:
        -RunnerDude's Fitness Technical T-shirt (with first RunnerDude's Fitness service or program)

What's Does Group Training Cost?
     (Half-Marathon) $120 plus two 24-bottle flats of water
     (Full Marathon) $145 plus two 24-bottle flats of water

Running Stride Video Analysis
Curious about your running stride?  RunnerDude's running stride video analysis will give you not only feedback on your running stride but actual video, still shots, and slow-motion footage of your running. Foot landing, foot-strike, cadence, upper-body posture, gait, and arm swing will be evaluated. The Analysis includes a session to collect the video footage, a video presentation with the feedback included on the video for you to view at home and an follow-up session where you'll be able to sit down with RunnerDude and discuss your analysis and any possible next steps or corrective measures, if needed.
Cost: $75

Fitness Assessment
Perfect for evaluating your current level of fitness before starting that New Year's resolution for a fitter you! During this 1.5 hour-long assessment, a complete a health questionnaire will be completed and then various fitness areas will be assessed such as vitals (blood pressure and resting heart rate), body composition (body fat %, circumference measurements, waist/hip ratio), flexibility and balance, muscular strength, and muscular endurance. The assessment also includes an aerobic fitness test to evaluate your VO2max (how well your body utilizes oxygen at maximum effort). If you're a runner the VO2max test will consist of a 1.5-mile run test. If you're not a runner and/or you're new to fitness, a 3-minute step test or 1-mile walk test well be used.
Cost: $75

Running Form Session with RunnerDude
A 1-hour one-on-one session focused on good running form to help prevent injury as well as to help make you a faster more efficient runner.
Cost: $55

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