Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Running: A Saving Grace

Running is anything but Radical, it’s the saving grace for many a runner.

Through the blog, I’ve had such an awesome opportunity to meet so many amazing runners from all over the world who have used running as a means to overcome life’s adversities. Some overcame family hardships, others medical issues, and still others the death of loved ones. Some used it as a means to raise funds and awareness to the plights of various causes such as breast cancer or mental illness. And still others had monumental health issues and used running as a platform to bring awareness and support to and for their own illness.  And others used running to bridge the gap from being laid off to re-employment, helping give them a sense of stability while their lives were put on hold.

When you have the time, click here  to meet and read about some of these awe-inspiring individuals...heroes such as Danica, Ann, Thomas, Mel, Joe, Ashley, and David.

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AndrewENZ said...

Amen to this!

Chad said...

I totally relate to the stability during unemployment. Running was harder work in terms of motivation, but it also was the thing that gave me vision for what I wanted to be, the understanding that its not the battle but the war I want to fight.