Friday, December 5, 2008

Connecting with Other Runners

Have you ever noticed how non-runners just don’t get it? How many times have you been excited by a race you’ve done and when you tell a non-runner, their response is, “And you did that by choice?” Or how about when you tell a non-runner that you just ran a marathon and their response is “Did you win?” That one always gives me a chuckle. That’s why surrounding yourself with people who love to run, is so important. Recently a new person was hired where I work, and it’s been so refreshing to have a fellow runner to share goals and accomplishments with who can relate. You can find that support by joining a local running group or check with your local running store. They often host long runs or other events that bring runners together. One of the local running stores here in Greensboro, NCOff ‘n Running Sports—does a great job of providing a variety of weekly runs as well as sponsoring a multitude of local races. The Internet is another place to connect with other runners. In a previous post, I mentioned Athlinks as a good site to keep up with your racing results as well as connect with other runners. Recently, I discovered another great online community for runners—Runners' Lounge. Runners' Lounge is a friendly meet-up space for runners to connect with other runners, talk about running, and share running resources. You can create your own profile, form groups, share your running and race stories, pick up some tips, and leave some advice and encouragement for other runners. Check it out when you get a chance!


Amy@RunnersLounge said...

Thanks so much for a shout out!


RunnerDude said...

No problem, Amy. You guys have a great site. I'm really enjoying it. Thanks!

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

That's how I found you! I'm interested now in hearing about this "infamous" 2007 in Chicago and will do some searching about that. It sounds so crazy.

I mostly get this reaction when I tell people that I make time to run on a regular basis (apx 5 times a week, avg.4 miles):

"Oh, I hate running!" or "How do you find the time?" or "Running is bad for your joints." or "How can you do that with 6 kids?"

It's amazing the excuses people can come up with for not getting off their butts and just DOING ANYTHING (I've found running is a fast way of working out and it's mostly FREE!).

RunnerDude said...

Hey Laura! Thanks for the comment. Yep, Chicago 2007 was a weird one. It's October in Chicago and it turns out to be almost 80degrees and about the same percent of humidity. 10,000 runners didn't show who heeded the heat advisory warning email the race officials sent out a few days prior to the race. But even with 10,000 fewer runners, they still managed tu run out of water and Gatorade. People were dropping like flies. They eventually shut down the race and began picking up runners in buses and carrying them to the finish. I was lucky and finished before they closed the race. I was pretty dehydrated and had some bad leg cramps after the race due to that. For about 2hrs after I finished, all I heard were sirens from ambulances. Over 100 were treated by emergency services and/or taken to the hospital. Crazy day.
Yep, it's funny how people who say running is bad for your joints are usually the ones with all the ailments. LOL!! Sounds like you really have it together. 6 kids?!!! I have 3 (9, 13, and 17) and they keep me hoppin.
Are you training for any upcoming races? I'm thinking of doing Marine Corps in the fall.