Thursday, October 30, 2008

Marathon Training Plans

Many of you are tapering in preparation for your fall marathon or you've just finished up your fall marathon. I'm interested in what training plan or plans you used. Did you use a specific plan, create your own, or did you do like me and take bits and pieces from different plans to create your own? This link will take you to a plan from Runner's World that I used. It's a tough plan and I ended up having to alter it.,7120,s6-238-244-255-11938-0,00.html The one thing I did learn from using this plan is the importance of speed work.I used the plan last year in training for Chicago and my endurance was the best it's ever been for short- and long-distance races. This year I didn't include as much speed work and my endurance and speed weren't anything compared to last year. So, send me some links to plans you've used. Thanks!


Blue Benadum said...

I used a 20 week program for competitive marathon training from the Cool Running website. It got up to 80 miles at the peak weak with one speed workout a week plus hills and tempo runs with no rest days. I personally enjoy no rest days except for after a race. Now I'm doing 1 to 2 marathons per month so I'm trying to workout the best recovery training program.

RunnerDude said...

You're amazing man! 80mile a week and 2 marathons a month. I thought my 2 a year (sometimes) was good. You're definitely an inspiration!