Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Picture (Video) is Worth 1000 Words

In a previous post Which Shoe's Right for You? I described three types of running gates - neutral, overpronator, and underpronator. Sometimes a visual, better yet, a video clip, can help clarify something that may be a little hard to picture in your mind's eye. I found that to be the case for myself when reading about the various types of running gates. That is, until I discovered three video clips produced by Runner's World. The close-up view of runners exemplifying the tree different types of gates plus the added use of slow motion special effects, clearly reveals the difference between a neutral, overpronator, and an underpronator gate. After looking at the video clips below, use the cool Runner's World Shoe Finder Widget located in the right nav of the blog to help you find the perfect running shoe.


Running Through Life said...

Thanks for the post. I watched the videos to try and see what type of runner I am. I think I am a neutral runner.

My local running store has a new set up where they analyze you. I think I need to have this done for my next shoe purchase.

RunnerDude said...

Hey RunningThroughLife! I highly recommend that. The guys at the running store here in town do a great job with their gate analysis. It is kind of hard to tell on yourself. Looking at the weat pattern on your shoes helps, but get your local running store to do that evaluation. Let me know if your hunch was right.