Tuesday, January 26, 2010

And the Winner Is...

Congratulations to Gene Soboleski, the winner of RunnerDudes's AudioFuel/London Marathon Song Nomination Drawing! For the past several day dozens, the blog's readers have been sending in nominations for their favorite running songs. The song nominations were then forwarded on to MusicandMotivation.com, the joint venture between AudioFuel and the London Marathon. The emails RunnerDude received were numbered (in the ordered received) and yesterday those numbers were entered in The Random Number Generator which picked Gene Soboleski's email as the lucky winner. Gene will receive £20 worth of products from AudioFuel. Go Gene!

Once AudioFuel collects all the submitted songs from around the world, they will take the top 10 songs and publish an iMix as the official playlist for The London Marathon. So, check their website next month to see if your nominated song made the Mix! [Click here] to get a free sample from AudioFuel!

Listed below are the songs nominated by the RunnerDude's Blog readers.
Wake Up (Arcade Fire)
Valerie (Amy Wienhouse)
Innocent (Cook)
Good Life (OneRepublic)
High and Dry (RadioHead)
Flower (Moby)
If Tomorrow Was Your Last Day (Nickelback)
Ride Like the Wind (Michael Mind)
Hit the Ground Running (The Doves)
Fire on the Mountain (Greateful Dead)
Long May You Run (Neil Young)
Don't Go (Yaz)
Foo Fighters (Learn to Fly)
KernKraft (Zombie Nation)
Beautiful Life (Gui Boratto)
Let's Get It Started ( Black Eyed Peas)
The Adventure (Angles and Airways)
The War (Angle and Airways)
Battle Flag (Lo Fidelity Allstars)
Kinghts of Cydonia (Muse)
The Suffering (Coheed and Cambria)
Till I Collapse (Eminem)
Do Fries Come With That Shake
Roadrunner (The Modern Lovers)
Ring the Alarm (Beyonce)
For the Love of the Game (Pillar)
Viva la Vida (Coldplay)
Time to Pretend (MGMT)
I Gotta Feeling (Black Eyed Peas)
Keep Up (Hyper Crush)
Ray of Light (Madonna)
Candy Everybody Wants (10,000 Maniacs)
Night Watchman (Tom Petty)
The Distance (Cake)


Junk Miler said...

I may be biased, as the submitter was Iris (wife), but "Do Fries Come With That Shake" TOTALLY wins the list.

Bow wow wow yippee yo yippee yay!

gene said...

hey, hey, hey! Thanks, RunnerDude!! after I get my prize, I'll be sure to post a review. Big Shout Out! I'll be thinking of this win as I run OUTSIDE after work today. :D

RunnerDude said...

Hey SouthoftheCliff! Good idea, maybe the readers should vote on the best song from the list. The list as it is now is just that...a list, no ranking to it. Do I hear another vote for Fries and a Shake? LOL!

RunnerDude said...

Hey Gene! Congrats! I look forward to your review!

Concord Carpenter said...

Great list!