Thursday, December 2, 2010

Prize Drawing from Endorphin Warrior!

Since beginning the blog, I have had contact with many different running and sports related companies. One of my favorite such companies is Endorphin Warrior. Endorphin Warrior makes inspirational jewelry and apparel for the athlete. About a year ago, I purchased a Warrior Training bracelet and I've worn it ever since.

The Warrior Training Bracelets are made to wear while running, cycling, working out, sweating, racing...or just anytime. Each features a positive and powerful keyword or phrase to help you train, perform and live with greater strength of body and mind. My bracelet says "Persevere." That word means so much to me. Whether it's starting my new fitness studio, dealing with health issues, or trucking through the last few miles of a marathon, just looking at that word "Persevere" on my bracelet reminds me of the inner strength I have to make it through.

The thing about Endorphin Warrior that's so cool is that they just don't sell sports themed jewelry. Their true mission and goal is to delight and inspire you – the lifetime athlete, runner, walker, endurance athlete or fitness enthusiast – with content and original products that express the joy and value of working out, endurance training and the body in motion. They realize that you’re passionate about your training and sport, and they're passionate about creating fun, and meaningful products that will help you enjoy your training even more…inspire you toward your true potential…and help you express the active lifestyle you love and live.

Endorphin Warrior is listed in the previous post, "Holiday Gifts for Runners," because of their awesome products and because of their mission. Be sure to check out their website for yourself and for the athletes on your holiday gift list!

Also, I have great news!!! Endorphin Warrior is sponsoring a Prize Drawing exclusive to the readers of RunnerDude's Blog! The winner of the prize drawing will get to choose between a Warrior Training Bracelet or a Warrior Training Ring! To enter, simply send an email to with "Warrior" in the subject line. Also, be sure to put your full name in the body copy of the email. The deadline for email entries is Saturday, December 11th! Each email will be assigned a number in the order that it's received. All the numbers will be entered into the True Random Number Generator to determine the winner. The winner's name will be posted on the blog on Sunday, December 12th!

Good luck and thanks Endorphin Warrior!!


Junk Miler said...

I would want one that said BE FUNNY.

Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

I like the idea of motivation but I'm not sure about leather and sweat. Is it comfortable? Does it smell after time?

RunnerDude said...

Hi Detroit Runner! Very comfortable. Well, like anything leather is can get and oder, but I just look at it as proof of my hard work. LOL! Actually, if you rinse it off or leave it on when you hop in the shower, it tend to help with the issue.

Unknown said...

Hey dude! Who won?

RunnerDude said...

Hi Jiggens! The winner was Eric Mauricette. It was posted for a few days on the blog, but had to take the button down for the new contest--Free Saucony Trail Shoes! Be sure to enter for a chance to win!!