Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Emily Boles: Undercover Runner

I've posted on running safety before and back in November, I wrote about "5 Key-Storing Tips for Runners." But this morning, while reading Eddie Wooten's weekly column "Running Shorts" (my Wednesday morning ritual) in our local newspaper (The News & Record), I was provided with a wonderful example of exactly why we need to be so vigilant about our safety when running. In the article "Remain Vigilant for Key Thieves," Eddie describes an experience one of our local runners "Emily" had at a local park while waiting for some fellow runners for a scheduled run. [Click here] to read about Emily's courageous adventure.

In the article, Emily makes some good reminders for all runners to heed:
Don’t leave anything of value in view inside your vehicle.
Keep your key tied to your shoelaces or the drawstring of your shorts or in a pocket.
Buy a key pocket (
Off ‘N Running sells them) or store the key in your fuel belt.
Women should run with partners or in groups.

Thanks to Emily for being an undercover agent on behalf of all runners and thanks to Eddie for sharing Emily's story!


Sister Mary Agnes said...

Runnerdude, thank you for posting this. The body of a young woman near where I live was just found yesterday.

Another safety issue I have found is with DailyMile. While I really enjoy that site for sharing training goals, I am truly alarmed that whenever you use their map tool to map a route it automatically becomes public. Even though it gives you the option to share make your routes only visible to friends, that essentially is public. Ladies, please be smart and careful!

RunnerDude said...

Thanks Sister Mary Agnes! It's sad, be in these times, we all (but especially women) have to be extra careful. I think Emily gave some great advice about not running alone. I know that's not always possible, but if you can't run with a buddy, then we should try to make those solo runs during times of the day when hopefully there's more people around. I think carrying a cell phone, especially on rural trail runs is also a great idea.

Unknown said...

although there are many things about my current vehicle that I don't like, i LOVE my number pad keyless entry. in the past 3 years, i have never had to carry keys with me anywhere. i always lock them in the truck. works GREAT for runs....
THAT being said, it still pays to be vigilant. (i almost typed vigilante.....!!!)
be safe, be well!

RunnerDude said...

Hi Gene! That keyless entry pad sounds awesome. Too by my 10-year-old mini van doesn't have it. LOL!! One day!!

runrgrl2007 said...

Crime fighter Emily! You have got to go by the store and have her tell you the story in person. No way Eddie could of even done it justice! Just in case you want to steal from me, my car is unlocked, don't break window or look for the key, it is probably in the ignition! Typical woman aren't I????