Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Run Fat Boy Run!

The other night my 17-year-old son picked up a movie for us to watch. It was about a runner, so he thought I'd like it. The title of the movie was Run Fat Boy Run. I vaguely remember when it came out in 2007, but I never saw it. It's one of those lower-budget movies that doesn't get as much press as the big action-thrillers. Anywho, this movie is a complete riot! We both laughed and laughed. Not only is it an entertaining movie, but it has a really good message—get off your butt and make something of yourself. The movie actually isn't about a fat person, rather a slim but very out of shape guy, Dennis, who runs away from everything, including his pregnant fiancee at the alter. That all changes when the mother of his child becomes engaged to wealthy Mr. GQ who, by-the-way, is a marathon runner. Dennis decides that maybe if he runs the same marathon, he'll show her he can indeed follow through with something to completion and win her back. Catch is, the marathon is in three weeks and this smoking, drinking, out-of-shape dude is no where near being ready to run, much less complete a full marathon. I won't spoil the ending for you, but I guarantee you'll enjoy this quirky movie. Check out the movie trailer below.


Anonymous said...

We just watched it this weekend, too, Thad! That's beautiful. It's one of those movies that looks like it's going to be silly and slapstick but it's actually much better than that. Great scenes with the father and son, too, great messages about parenting.

RunnerDude said...

I thought the scene where Dennis hits "The Wall" was great too!