Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Meet the Youngest BlueLiner

From AARP to Middle School, The BlueLiners have it all! Have you noticed that new, young, speedster on our Saturday long runs? Why that's the newest BlueLiner, Ryan. This 11-year-old 6th-grader has been joining his dad (Will) on some recent runs. What Ryan likes best about running is that feeling after finishing a long run or a short, fast sprint. He recently ran his first 5K—The Great Pumpkin Run—directed by his dad. He breezed through the course in 32:07. He ran the race with his P.E. teacher, who he credits for helping to improve his time by encouraging him during the race. Ryan feels that overall, that was probably the most fun, wet, and well organized race he's ever been to. He's into wrestling right now and practice is every day, so he can't run as much as he'd like to, but when wrestling is over, he says he'll be back at the blueline. Welcome to the BlueLiners, Ryan!

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