Wednesday, September 23, 2020

TrueEnergy Sock Review

Back in the spring, TrueEnergy sent me a pair of their low cut socks to test out. With the pandemic in full force and my fitness studio shut down by the state, my mind was a bit distracted. The other day, I realized I had not posted my experience with the socks. I've been wearing them on just about all of my runs since I received them in early May. 

At first it was for the sole purpose of testing them out for a review, but then I realized they were becoming my go-to socks for my runs, everyday wear too.

Why? Well, bottom line they are comfortable. I like the way they contour my foot. They are snug and don't move around, but without feeling like the circulation's being cut off. The snug fit actually helps with circulation and keeping blisters at bay.

Now, the "special" thing about these socks is that they are "powered" by infrared nano-particles blended into the yarn. Your body's heat is captured by the nano-particles to produce infrared energy. Infrared energy expands your capillaries which improves circulation, stimulates cellular recovery and accelerates metabolism." This is suppose to help with recovery, reduce swelling, relax tight muscles, etc. 

Now I'm no scientist. I really can't tell you if all that techie stuff is working, but I can tell you they wear good, feel good, and I'm wearing them because I want too, not because I got them for free.

The other great thing is that they are affordable. I've often paid $15 or more a pair for running socks. The TrueEnergy low cut socks I tested are $19.99 for 3 pair! Three pair! The TreeEnergy socks come in low cut, crew, and over-the-calf. The low cut and crew are 3 pair for $19.99 and over-the-calf are 2 pair for $19.99. That's AWESOME!

Check them out and order a pack at

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