Tuesday, August 13, 2013

RunnerDude's Gear Review: The TIMEX Run Trainer 2.0

Many moons ago, while at the beach, I found a TIMEX Ironman sports watch that washed ashore. The band was ratty, but the watch looked good. It was still working, so I bought a new band and wore that foundling for several years. I was hooked on TIMEX. Ever since, I've had many different Ironman watches. I usually wear them until I lose them not because of technical difficulties. So, a few years back I was very excited when I saw a print ad for a new TIMEX GPS watch. I wondered when TIMEX was going to get into the GPS watch business. Seemed like such a natural fit.

TIMEX's first venture into the world of GPS produced a rather large and hard to use watch--the TIMEX Global Trainer. The next model that came out was the TIMEX Ironman Run Trainer  1.0. This version was much smaller and sleeker than the Global Trainer, but very difficult to use (at least for this runner). I found myself often very frustrated with it. I had a hard time getting the satellite signal quickly and really difficult time scrolling from screen to screen.

Because I'm such a loyal TIMEX user, I was excited to see that TIMEX updated the TIMEX Ironman Run Trainer to a 2.0 version. The old saying, "Three times the charm" held true. This version is not much bigger than a regular watch and is very much "out-of-the-box" ready to use.

My test for a GPS is....how quickly can I figure out how to get the GPS signal, pace, and distance, and can I do it without having to dig into a manual. I figure for all the other bells and whistles, I'll need to do a little reading, but for the basics (to me anyway) I feel like it should be "in-your-face" simple. This time TIMEX got it dead on!

I love the large display (I'm 48, so if you're getting close to this age you'll know why this is nice). As compared to the 1.0 version, the 2.0 has a smaller case size and will fit both men and women. The TIMEX Run Trainer 2.0 GPS has a new menu-based system, which makes is much easier to navigate the various features. The 2.0 also has vibrating alerts, which is cool because you can still get your alerts while listening to music. The 2.0 is a little lighter than the 1.0 version too. It also has interval timers based on time or distance. Like the 1.0 version it's still water resistant to 50M and is approved for swim.

The 2.0 also includes:
* real-time distance, pace, speed, heart rate, etc.
* quick signal with SiRFstarIV technology
* 15-workout memory with dated summary
* free access to online training log
* desktop device agent allowing for easy changes to watch and performance settings
* 100-lap chrono with customizable 2- or 3-line display
* hands-free chrono operation based on distance and time
* pace, speed, and distance vibrating/audible alerts
* hydration and nutrition alerts
* interval timer with segments based on time or distance
* customizable alarm with backup
* rechargeable LI-Ion batter with 8-hour life if full GPS mode
* compatible with ANT+ sensors for heart rate and foot pod data
* INDIGLO night-light with NIGHT-MODE feature and Constant-On options.

Retails for $225 ($275 w/heart rate monitor)

So, if you're looking for a great easy-to-use GPS from a dependable company, check out the TIMEX GPS Run Trainer 2.0 GPS. Ultra Marathoner Meredith Dolhare also trains and races with the TIMEX Run Trainer 2.0. Check out her bio here. To see all the TIMEX GPS models click here.

PS: Be on the lookout for a giveway soon!!!!

Notice: While TIMEX provided the featured product for review, they in no way requested a positive review nor did I receive compensation for my reveiw. My review is based on my personal experience with the product. 

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